Tiger Knight

Command steed strategically

Steed is the most important equipment in Tiger Knight. An eligible steed can reflect army prestige and perform missions such as load, charge, maneuver and detection. What’s more, it is quite difficult for cavalry to survive in the cruel combat without understanding this partner.


Different from traditional games, steed is more than an ordinary item in Tiger Knight. Players should be familiar with the abilities of horse, for instance, speed, endurance, weight-bearing, and performance. Rapport is very important for players to control the steed to break through obstacles and survive in the siege.


In addition, equip horse armor is a significant method to strengthen steed, like enhancing protection, controllability, mobility. Players can judge fighting style and strength of opponent from his horse. Veteran or newbie is clear at a glance.



By the way, it’s quite probable for steed to injure and die in the battle. Please value your horse and don’t use it as cannon fodder.

Tiger Knight shows the magnificent battle scene of the Three Kingdom Period and provides various modes by using U3. You can choose to command troops or start a solo run. Here is your battlefield.