Tiger Knight

Physical demonstration of Tiger Knight

For the scene design, Tiger Knight reappears ancient war scenes to the utmost extend while scene destruction system provides players with new sensory experiences. All details, destructible fence, burnable garner, barracks and flags, not only improve game experience but also create a stimulating combat route.

Unreal Engine 3+ PhysX—perfect Tiger Knight

“Unreal Engine 3” is the most widely used advanced visual engine in the world. The R&D team strives for fully exerting UE3 in every detail such as the telepresence of large-scale combat, character’s skin, simulated vegetation system and shadow effect.



PhysX, developed by Nvidia, is one of the three physics engines. It was used to created many famous games such as Call of Duty: Ghosts and Batman: Arkham Origins.

What’s more, APEX technology was used to improve special effects, for instance, object destruction, facture of simulated objects and fragmentation of trees. In Tiger Knight, a large number of interactive objects and explosion effects aim to provide players with more realistic experience.


According to real physical collision effect, the collision reaction and the destruction process of object surface will be calculated instantly. Everything will be as realistic as possible.