Tiger Knight

Reappearance of classical battles—the battlefields in Tiger Knight

The pouring rain in Fancheng, the blowing snow in Guandu, the sandstorm in Xiliang witnesses the confrontation of two armies. The battle is on the verge of breaking out. In the moment, you seem to experience the battle by yourself.


The production team is designing the battlefield scene
In order to reappear the maximum regional features of battles of the third century, the production team consults a large number of materials and strives for perfecting every detail such as topography, vegetation, climate, weather, etc.


The Fancheng army stands by in the rain
In the rainy night in Fancheng, the army stands by to attack enemies. Players can experience the realistic battle in the rain from the puddle in street, landslide and wet armors. It is also very essential to select an applicable tactics according to the complicated and various topographies.


The flying snow in Battle of Guandu 


The sandstorm in Battle of Weinan
In addition, players will confront the test of varied weather conditions. The frigid snow will influence the troop’s endurance and the sandstorm in Xiliang will affect players’ visual field. Players should think over how to utilize the weather and topography. The weather variety in Tiger Knight  is an immersive surprise. 
There are three military posts in every map. Players can capture them to obtain supplement. It can be seen from the video that players scramble for the military posts repeatedly. This is the beginning of the combat.


The small map in the game interface in Tiger Knight
The small map in the lower right corner of the game interface is a very important auxiliary tool. Players can utilize the small map to know the topography and situation of both sides before deciding the march route. Moreover, press Ctrl + left mouse button can mark the position in small map to guide friendly force.