Tiger Knight

Interview with Producer: Supply a Historical Gap

My impression on Tiger Knight is: I used to appreciate my sword when I get drunk. In my dream, I return the military base surrounded by the sound of horn, share the beef with my inferiors, and listen to the music made by the northern tribe. I am in a military review in the autumn.

In the closed beta test of Tiger Knight, the exquisite quality, advanced rules and perfect reflection of history won high praise of players. What are the features of Tiger Knight? How did producers use this way to reflect history? Computer Business Information (CBI) interviewed the executive producer of Tiger Knight, Li Dongcheng, and asked him to answer these questions.



Tiger Knight drawn inspiration from Mount & Blade


Tiger Knight is a distinctive game, which has a powerful engine, realistic style, and well-made quality.


CBI: Some players of Tiger Knight, more or less, may think it is a homemade Mount & Blade. Do you use Mount & Blade for reference during the development process? What are the differences between Tiger Knight and Mount & Blade?


Li: Mount & Blade opened a new route for this kind of games with an unprecedented operation mode. Henceforth, many companies tried to develop and improve this kind of games, such as,War of the Roses , Melee, and so on.


Certainly, as one of this kind of games,Tiger Knight accords with the operation mode. Meanwhile, we try to perfect our game, for instance, Tiger Knight emphasizes offensive, adds combo, and strengthens the effect of armors. All of these are the improvement and grope about this kind of games.



A game that won’t ruin the history


The setting of Tiger Knight is in 200AD. Some players remarked, it is the best interpretation of the Three Kingdoms, which can be detected from the intensive study about the game’s background and the history of Three Kingdoms period.


CBI: What’s the inspiration of this project? What are the main reasons for developing Tiger Knight?


Li: Since 6 or 7 years ago, I always wanted to develop an online game like Mount & Blade. The emergence of Mount & Blade really shocked me. That is to say, the most important reason for the development of Tiger Knight is that I can develop a game like Mount & Blade in which I’d like to participate. I think it is the expectation of the most players in China.


CBI: I am curious about why you choose the Three Kingdoms as your theme?


Li: Many Chinese, even the Asian, like The Three Kingdoms. However, they know little about the historical realities of this period. Many of us regard it as fictional story but not reality. The majority even think the generals of the Three Kingdoms period dressed like those of the Ming and Song Dynasties. We want to develop a game that reflects real history and the wars of that period from the armors, weapon, and military science. We want to develop a game that won’t ruin the history.



The development of game should have own features


Li Dongcheng, participated in the development of many games, has lots of experience. As for the future of Tiger Knight and game production, he has his original view.


CBI: What is the molar construct of Tiger Knight? What kind of game it will become when it is released?


Li: The core of this game is various modes and strong competition. Although there are lots of challenges, our ultimate goal is to create a worldwide map mode.
CBI: Is Tiger Knight a competitive game? How will the game extend to more players?


Li: It is a competitive game. We will continuous to improve the fairness and strategy. We also will develop an entertainment mode for leisure players.


CBI: Being a game producer, how to develop games with historical theme in your opinion? What do you think the games with historical theme?


Li: The ideal game for me is that a game can move me by the historical reality and culture. And Tiger Knight is such a game to supply the historical gap.