Tiger Knight

Win!the 10 Most Anticipated Client Online Game of 2016

Tiger Knight win the prize of “the 10 Most Anticipated Client Online Game of 2016” in the 2015 China Game Industry Annual Conference.


The 2015 China Game Industry Annual Conference, hosted by China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association, attracted more than 300 game enterprises and near 2000 elites of game industry to discuss the development and reform of game industry in China. The “Top 10” lists are the top prizes in the game industry of China for “game products”, “game enterprises”, “game characters” and “industry support”. The prize for Tiger Knight reflected the recognition of game market about client online game.


Tiger Knight has finished its 1st closed beta testing, ChinaJoy and 2nd closed beta testing. The real reflection of cold weapon battlefield, the textual research of historical details and the well-designed innovative game won high praise of players and major game media in China.

Although there has long way to go, we will try our best to become one of the best online game.