Tiger Knight

Developer Diary: Siege—Battle of Xiapi

In the 2nd closed beta testing, we released the map of siege mode---Dingjun Mount. Dingjun Mount has various terrains such as mountain, plain, and river. In next testing, we will release a map of plain city—Xiapi City. Currently, developers are testing the balance of map. 


What’s more, we will add the function of independent choice. Players can choose in settings. 


This battle was happened in the late Han Dynasty. Ditches Cao Cao used to flood Lv Bu and White Gate Tower Lv Bu died are reappeared in this map. In addition, various siege features are introduced in new map, for instance, tunnel battle, tower battle, city wall battle, etc.


Different from Dingjun Mount, there are two defense lines in Xiapi City. Players can destroy the second defense line by tunnel battle after win in former line.


Moreover, players can bypass city wall and come to the rear of the second defense line to destroy it or kill enemy marshal. Therefore, the defense side needs to pay attention to both the attack of enemies and defense line before city gate. 


Behind the second defense line, there is a narrow path which is easy to hold but hard to attack. Offensive side can take opportunity to win the combat in this path.


      There are 4 resurrection sites in Xiapi City. Players can conquer resurrection sites to control the combat.