Tiger Knight

Bloody Battle in Yun-meng Lake

In daily testing, the developers split into two parts--game designers and QA. In the name of collecting bug, everyone tries to be the strongest one in the combat. 

Today, alliance of game designers and art designers decide to challenge QA. In Yun-meng Lake, a cruel battle kicks off. 


Designers intended to command heavy infantry to capture central military post, and then order crossbowmen to defeat enemies. 


Mounted crossbowmen ambushed in designers’ troop can attack enemy flank when capturing central military post. 


Heavy pikemen of QA came to fight for central military post. 


In the beginning, art designers captured central military post under threat of toxic fume and used solid shield wall to defeat enemy vanguards. 


Although there are lots of casualties, designers prevented QA from capturing central military post. However, ranged troop of QA arrived at the moment. 


Ambushes of designers were still on hook (take photos for the holiday). The result was three infantry troops in central military post were kill by enemy ranged troop. 

The counterattack of designers was of no help. QA won the battle. 


Heroes, wish you a happy Children's Day.