Tiger Knight

Developers Diary : Optimization of Formation

Today’s developers diary is about the optimization of formation.


In the previous testing, function of formation didn’t perform well on the battlefield. Now we are optimizing formation system for the next testing.


We optimize all formations and try to highlight features of various formations. For instance, soldiers can protect general effectively by forming bucket formation. Different formations have different functions. Some are suitable for attack and some are for defense. What’s more, a new function, formed advance, will be available in next version. If infantry form in big circle formation, intensive square formation, or bucket formation, soldiers can keep formation. If cavalry form in cone formation, players need to press F2 to active charge skill.


In new version, formations are divided into 5 types—common formation, formation for cavalry, formation for archers, formation for infantry, formation for riders. Different adjutants have various applicable formations. Some formations are suitable for different units such as scale formation can be used by infantry and cavalry. Adjutants also have exclusive formations which can create more buff.


When we design tactics, we try to introduce formed advance to players. With the enhancement of volley, weakening of scattered shoot, and the decrease of additional defense, long-distance investigation will be more important.