Tiger Knight

Developers Diary(June 24th) charge action of different weapons

In current version, the main functions have gradually completed. Now, we’re trying to perfect more details. Besides the optimization of game system and balance adjustment of units and weapons, designers are busy on improving actions of different weapons. Today, we are going to introduce new charge actions of different weapons.

At present, charge action of weapon is divided as follows: 1-handed sword and backsword, 2-handed sword and backsword, sword and backsword with shield, pike, pole backsword, 1-handed axe and hammer, and 2-handed axe and hammer. Hereafter, we will design these actions more explicitly. For instance, charge and combo of backsword, sword, axe, hammer, pike, spear, dagger-axe, and halberd will be designed alone to show their features. 


The main action of 1-handed sword and backsword is chopping. Now, developers are subdividing their actions and adjusting actions of sword and backsword with shield.


2-handed sword and backsword were named as weapons of faith. We are trying to highlight their advantages while perfecting the balance of various weapons. When charging, players can chop enemies to win the battle after stabbing them.



In contrast to previous testing, we adjust actions and shield break of spear and halberd. Therefore, attack actions of these weapons will be more distinct. Players who are good at parry can block easily. Compare with previous versions, the charge action has little change.


Pole backswords are frequently used by riders. Designers have optimized their charge action when pole backswords are utilized by infantry.


Because of their weight, 1-handed axe and hammer and 2-handed axe and hammer are widely used to break shield. When designing charge action, we try to highlight their feature of “pound”.