Tiger Knight

Developers Diary (June 17th): Intro of Achievement System

In previous testing, many players mentioned achievement system and provided lots of achievement items. Today’s developers diary will introduce the achievement system of Tiger Knight.

The achievement system can be divided into four types—platina medal, golden medal, silver medal, and bronze medal. As its name implies, different medals have different obtainment difficulties. The most difficult one is platina medal, although it has amazing rewards. Speaking of reward, we try to build an honor system. Players can unlock medals by obtaining honor points and promote medal level by increasing honor points. What’s more, the reward of medal includes flag, copper, and so on. 



In achievement overview, players can check details of every medal, obtainment situation of all medals, rewards of every medal. The obtainment of medals is related to the achievement of combats. For instance, the obtainment condition of Huge Army (golden medal) is to unlock over 20 units. In addition, players need to gather corresponding battle data or rewards to receive some medals.