Tiger Knight

Developers Diary (July 15th): The Optimization of Battlefields

At present we mainly focus on the design of female general and their armors. We will introduce these details later. Now, let’s have a look at the optimization of battlefields.

Definitely, we try to provide players with diversified terrains in all maps. And different units can adopt corresponding tactics and have various performances. However, we won’t adjust maps of Fancheng and Red Cliff because of the limitation of their terrains and areas. 

Take Jieqiao as an example, it’s originally a plain. Now, we add some fortifications in central stronghold. What’s more, two highlands for both parties can ensure archers have a greater performance. The central stronghold of new map is a big house. Players can fight around the house to capture the stronghold. In Nanzhong, players can experience different terrain features such as rugged path, drawbridge, village, and terrace. In addition, the strongholds of Yun-memg Lake are located beside highlands. Players have to control them before conquering strongholds. There are many barracks equipping with catapults on the highlands. As a central route, it is strategically vital for players. 

The Optimization of Battlefields

We are also trying our best to optimize sight of all units by narrowing detection sight and reduce exposure distance. In addition, reed is another terrain feature of the coming testing. Players who hide among reeds won’t be detected by enemies. For instance, when players choose map of Yun-meng Lake, they can disorient enemies by hiding and exposing intermittently. In new map of Duel Mode, players also can ambush in reeds to attack enemies. 

The Optimization of Battlefields

Hereafter, we may design towers for archers. Players can build and conquer towers to win the battle.

We’ve introduced the optimization of formation, units, and command in previous developers diary. We are trying to show you a perfect game by continuous testing.