Tiger Knight

Developers Diary (Sept 2th): Parrying Weapon Optimization and Site Mode

In stress testing version, the advantage of parrying weapons was so obviously that almost every player chose to use it. We also noticed these feedbacks. Therefore, we’ve weaken the damage of parrying weapons. 


Firstly, we want to correct a mistake. Parrying weapon isn’t exclusive for newbie. Although it can be used to auto-parry, the short parrying time requires players to master the skill more accurately. At the beginning, we hope to design a new combat method that players can attack and parry easily if they don’t master parry skill. It has a strong stagger effect, so we chose to limit its attack directions. 
In yesterday’s update, the stagger effect was significantly weakened and players will have enough time to parry or hold shield. So the advantage of parrying weapon won’t be significant in one-on-one. In addition, we deleted a parrying weapon which has a length of 2.38.


For site mode, players can experience in next testing. It is a sub-mode of duel mode. Its rules are similar with this mode of other games. Players can capture sites and kill enemy marshal to score. The team who get higher score within given time will win. What’s more, players can kill enemy NPC marshal to win the battle.


Today, we began to test a new map of site mode instead of map of Jieqiao and Yun-meng Lake.