Tiger Knight

Developers Diary (September 30th): Ladder Ranking and Archer Tower

Ladder ranking is only available for players who reach certain equipment level and unit level. In current plan, ladder ranking will be divided into individual ladder ranking and team ladder ranking. And the score of two modes will be calculated separately. 
In terms of game mode, ladder ranking also can be divided into command mode and duel mode. Different ladder ranking modes have distinct entry requirements. Players who reach level 20 and unlock one unit of level 5 can join ladder ranking of command mode. In order to join ladder ranking of duel mode, players not only have to achieve above requirements but also need to complete all trainings with grade A. What’s more, ladder ranking of duel mode, also named as squad deathmatch, includes five rounds. Players can revive in a new combat. The player who achieves 3 victories first will win the game. 
The matching rule is that players should join the game according to the unit level. Some players hope to command several units to join one combat. However, it’s difficult to unlock several units at the beginning. And we will take it into consideration in future version. Similar with other games, ladder ranking in Tiger Knight also will be held in different seasons.


Archer tower was designed to improve tactics diversity. In future version, we will introduce archer tower in all scenes. Besides it, we plan to add stockade, trap, etc. 
Besides Battle of Jieqiao, other maps in Tiger Knight have a big size. And players can command soldiers to capture different sites. In this situation, players may unable to cooperate with each other. We maintain the mutual restraint and reduce damage of units to extend battle time. Furthermore, we hope the layout can help players to protect themselves and enhance coordination. Archer tower is one of layouts. At the beginning, players have to repair it. After complete repairing it, players can command missile troops to station at archer tower. 




In terms of tactics diversity and unit coordination, our designers are working hard to try various measures. We will introduce these contents in future developers dairy.