Tiger Knight

Update Announcement (0.0.56)

Dear players
We will update the servers and version, during this time the servers will be maintenance: 
The time of update is:
Asia    30/10/2016 15:00 – 18:30 (GMT+8)
Europe    30/10/2016 7:00 – 10:30 (GMT)
North America    30/10/2016 0:00 – 3:30 (GMT-7) 
After this maintenance, the game client version will be update from 0.055 to 0.056. 


Content of Update
The Halloween Carnival will begin following the last maintenance. Are you ready for the pumpkin head?
1. Halloween-themed Background of the Hall
Once you enter the game, the hall will automatically change itself into Halloween theme. Have fun in the Halloween Carnival! 
2. Halloween-themed Quests
Two newly added tasks: Halloween Surprise and Halloween Carnival! 
3. Halloween-themed Items
Three newly added Halloween pumpkin heads which can be obtained through accomplishing tasks or purchasing in the store.


Balance Adjustment

Charge is an efficient way of breaking the standoff of a battle, but it’s more powerful than necessary. So we adjusted the Charge effect to make it less influential in the battle while still able to exert its impact. 
Charge CD is increased for another second.
The collision effect of Charge is lowered.
The damage of hammers and axes is decreased by 10%.

The ranged capacity of Bingzhou Heavy Cavalry is decreased by 10%.
The damage made by crossbowman of level 1-3 is decreased by 10%.


BUGs Fixed
PVE interface cannot show soldiers’ ammo.
No camera shake effect when hit on the head by ranged weapons.
Deduct the score even when Cao Chun and Cao Ren attack one another in Parry Talent.
The cheers anomaly in tutorial.
Hitting target anomaly in Specialized Training - Archery .
General name anomaly in battle disposition and TAB interface.
Challenge fails to finish normally or restore position due to high ping.
Increased the score of Guan Yu, Cao Chun and Cao Ren in Parry Talent.
Score anomaly in Challenge.
Data anomaly in Career.
Try to fixed English input method anomaly


Input Method
Sorry about the inconvenience caused by input method anomaly!
For Chinese windows 7 operating system: if stuck, please press shift.
For Windows 10: we do not recommend you to enter the game under Wubi input method since it easily leads to progress jam. 
If you enter the game under other input methods and still meet such problem, please switch by pressing ALT+Table.


About client Install location
We suggestion you do not install the client with non English catalogue


Operating systems
We suggestion any 32bit Operating systems do not open DX11, this will use up more computer memories


Skip the tutorial 
We do not suggest player skip the tutorial but you can do this now when you quit the battle field and choose skip tutorial, you still can’t skip it directly. Pay attention you can’t get the reward when you do this but you still can finish this and get the reward by choose the tutorial mode. 

Able to jump to the upgrade line of equipment.
Tiger Knight differs from many other games. The equipment cannot be purchased 
even though it‘s visible before it is unlocked in the upgrade tree. It confuses our players as we noticed 
from the feedback. So we added the Quick Check functions, by clicking the purchase 
button in the market section, it jumps right to the upgrade tree, for leading the players to perceive 
the way to obtain the equipment.