Tiger Knight

Weekly TOP5 Great Battle Videos Collection (First Week)

In Tiger Knight: Empire War, the splendid battle never ceases. To provide our fellow players with more wonderful moments, we are collecting battle videos from every one. Five most exciting battle videos will be selected and released in our Steam community’s video section on a weekly basis. Rich reward awaits you!

Time of colleting videos:
First week: Oct, 30th 2016-Nov, 5th 2016

How to join in:
1.Email us the attached videos to the designated email address: 461604414@qq.com
2.Use the common email subject: Great Video+ Your Server + Your character name
For example, Great Video+ Asia Server+ Adam
3.Format of Message Body:
Here is an example of the body format.
Server: Asia
Character Name: Adam
Great Video: 5 minutes and 10 seconds
Video Introduction: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4.The TOP 5 officially selected videos will be granted rewards.
How to record the video:
1.Save the video:
You can find the Save Video button on the upper right corner of the interface after each battle.


2.Click on character avatar on the upper left corner to find Replay the battle.


3. The directory where video files are saved:



1.VIP card (30 days)


2.The reward key will be sent to the lucky ones’ in-game emails. Enter the reward key on the bottom right corner of the Events interface to get your reward.