Tiger Knight

Developer Notes 11.4

Hi all,
For starters, we would like you to help us with a vote on which force to add aside from Rome, please click the following link and choose your favorite one. Thank you!
We are also holding a Weekly TOP5 Great Battle Videos Collecting activity, take the chance and join in!

Next we will answer several most concerned questions by our players:

1.Server Issues
We are planning on upgrading NA server and hope to make the game run smoothly. It’s expected to complete within one week. As to other regions, we will also add servers, but not so fast. So we suggest players in these regions to use VPN or other tools. Besides, we do not recommend you to use the Google DNS, which might jam your computer.

2.Female Characters and Player’s Character
After female characters are brought into the game, you won’t need to set up another account since we will provide Rebuild Character Card for you to re-choose characters’ gender. Rome will be a completely new part with new units, adjutants and maps. There is no need to set up a new character.

3.We will intensify Shu units’ capacity of gains and defense.
It’s because the Shu infantry is positioned as tank troop of middle and long range capacity to lift up shields in the forefront. Yet we realized that they cannot get enough gains in most battles due to low output, particularly their weakness against Wu infantry’s Multi Kill. 

4.Battle Tempo Adjustment.
We have noticed that the tempo of high level battles are a little bit fast which is not what we wanted. In next week’s update, we will adjust the game data to decrease the tempo of the battle and give players enough time to change strategies when they fight.

5.The Update Time of Rome.
To ensure the integrity and balance of our game, it’s conservatively estimated as two months.

6.About Leeches.
We hope players can engage themselves in our game actively, and the leeches found out by the system will be punished of clearing all their gains. And other players in this battle can also make a complaint about the leeches. If recorded times of the leech has reached certain point, he will be forbidden to take part in the match.

7.Foul Language in the Community and Game. 
We hope our fans and players to maintain a friendly atmosphere in the game and Steam community instead of abusing. So we will block illegal keywords in the next update. If the player is reported of foul language, he will be banned to talk in the game for the next 24 hours.