Tiger Knight

Maintenance (0.0.58)

Tiger Knight: Empire War will update new patch, so all our servers will be shut down for update. The exact time is as follows:

Asia: 2016/11/15 15:00-18:00 (GMT+8)

EU: 2016/11/15 07:00-10:00 (GMT)

NA: 2016/11/14 23:00 - 11/15 02:00 (GMT-8)

We will ptimize the network of NA servers.


Adjustment of Numerical Value


Optimized the experience of riding horse to knock away the infantry.

Slightly improved the defeated soldiers’ EXP in PVP.

Improved the matching experience of Team Game.


Based on the data acquired from previous tests, we tweaked the balance of soldiers:

Shu’s Tier 6 soldiers—Jingzhou Heavy Infantry: HP increased by 10%, the defense ability of pike and shield is slightly improved.

Shu’s Tier 6 soldiers—Yuzhou Horse Skirmishers’ damage is improved by 10%.

Shu’s Tier 4 soldiers—Chu Rangers’damage is imporved by 10%. Toxic Smog is also added to this unit.

Wei’s Tier 7 soldiers—Bingzhou Heavy Cava

lry’s ammo amount is lowered by 20%.

Wei’s Tier 6 soldiers—Qingzhou Changdao Infantry’s HP is increased by 10%. Its Multi Chop damage and attack speed are slightly improved.

All cavalry’s moving speed is lowered by 10%.


The initial number of people glaive and long-handle halberd pierce through is improved to 2.

The ranged weapons’ damage of General to soldiers is improved by 5%.

General’s attack speed is lowered by 5% when using one-handed dagger or sword with shield.

---Game Mode

Duel Mode—Taking Stronghold:

The score of taking the stronghold is improved to 1500, and the maximum number of strongholds players can take is changed to 4.


Bug Fixed

We fixed the time anomaly of reward email in PVE.