Tiger Knight

Developer Notes 11.18

Dear all, this week we have collected some new questions many of you asked, and summarized some tips on combo. Now we will answer ten questions one by one. 

1. Will matchmaking be fixed? When in a party we are paired up with up to 2 tiers higher
We will punish ganging up for sure and if someone in the team enters the game with subsidiary account (eg: T5 player with a T4 account), then the system will match players according to the highest tier (where T4 may have to fight against T6). In fact, ganging up is a quite irresponsible behavior to teammates. We call on all players to team up with those of same unit tiers. 

2.When will Tier 9 and 10 be released?
We expect to open other units and soldiers of the rest tiers within the next two months. 

3.Will Female Character be released around the same time of Rome?
It depends on the opening time of the official version. We hope we can catch up with the official opening. 

4. When will there be Level 8 Exploit items?
You’ll see them in the next update. 

5. What are some of these statistics on some weapons, most notably 'back-end damage', weight level (including energy bonus) and energy damage?
Take Central Plain Sword as an example, front-end damage refers to the blade shown in green on this picture. This part of weapon will inflict damage to its full extent. The red part as handle of the weapon is back end. It exerts less damage than frond end. If you want to inflict appropriate damage with different weapons, you need to keep a proper distance from the enemy. 
Weapons are various in weight which influences the movement of the General and the effect of weapons. See if you use heavy weapon against a light one, when the gap of weight reaches a certain extent, the enemy’s parry will cause stiff effect and he will be knocked down by you. 
Hold the left key of the mouse and you’ll find there is a light effect in your hand. It’s a hint of energy. Energy attack will improve the weight and damage in attack. For instance, if a regular lighter weapon can make the enemy stiff, then an energy attack will directly knock down the enemy. 

6. What are the Special units?
Special units refer to troops existed in history but unable to constitute a troop to upgrade. You need to pay gold coins for special units and equipment. Meanwhile the amount of gains the special units obtain are a little bit more than common soldiers. 
We will open two special units in the next update. Yellow Turban Rebel is a tier 2 special unit which belongs to infantry. It has more soldiers than unit of the same level, so they can use the tactic of human sea. Wuhuan Riders are T5 unit as light cavalry archers. They mainly scout and harass the enemy. 

7. Will there be anything added in for Legion vs Legion? If so what are some of the plans?
In the close beta test phase, we tried legion wars in the form of website. The legions attending battles have their own cities and with diplomatic strategies and battles they eventually realize the goal of dominate China. Currently this plan is still under further adjustment and refinement so that it can show up perfectly in the client. As the follow-up forces open in succession, the Legion vs Legion mode will be our ultimate goal in the future. 

8. Will there be Roman Adjutant?
Yes, there will. Low level adjutant might be standard bearer. But the high level adjutants will be legendary figures you are familiar with. 

9. With Barbarians winning the vote, What barbarians are you planning on adding?
Barbarians ( including Gaul, Britan, Pict and other Celtic tribes), Germanic peoples, Sauromatae, Dacians are already been in the plan of development. 

10. What do Elite Soldiers do? Anything extra or just used for EXP exchange?
Elite soldiers have stronger battle capacity, and all related properties are improved.