Tiger Knight

Thanksgiving Event

Dear players,

For starters, we’d like to express our thanks to all players. Tiger Knight: Empire War has received many players’encouragement and support during Steam Early Access. It is your valuable suggestion that makes the game continuously improve. Thanks again. Your support has always given us motivation. We will make effort to provide you with more stable content in full release version. 

In addition, you can complete missions to receive rewards during Thanksgiving Holiday. 


Event time:


Mission 1: Thanksgiving Rewards
Requirement: Have a total online time of 180 minutes to receive rewards.
Rewards: feather helmet (7d),roast turkey(3d)

Mission 2: Life Saving
Requirement: Rescue 10 teammates per day. 
Rewards: normal bandage*10

Mission 3: A Thankful Heart
Requirement: Rate others up for 10 times per day(1 player per battle)
Rewards: 1000 prestige