Tiger Knight

Update Announcement (0.0.71)

Dear gamers,
In order to ensure the stability of servers, we will shut them down at 15:00 on Jan 17th for maintenance. 

The exact time is as following:
Asia Server: 2017/1/17 15:00-18:00(GMT+08:00)
NA Server: 2017/1/16 23:00 - 2017/1/17 02:00(GMT-08:00)
EU Server: 2017/1/17 07:00-10:00(GMT)


After this update, the game client will upgrade from 0.0.70 to 0.0.71, please enter the game after updating the client. If it fails to update normally, please close steam and relog in. 


Content of Update

Client Efficiency Optimization
This update will optimize the character rendering, character animation, physical collision and UI refresh. Under the same configuration, the fps in game will be improved.


Special soldiers will receive 5% more exp and coppers after battle.
Danyang Green Turbans and Wu Fearless Squad: will be added with Shield Guard Parrying weapons.
There will be increased with videos folder on the Replay interface for you to check where the videos are saved.
You can change game’s language in settings now which will take effect after rebooting the client.
It will demonstrate the CD after the buff of stronghold is received.
We also adjusted the effect of regional strike.


Bugs Fixed
The bug that the game was stuck on opening the TAB interface for the first time after entering the battlefield has been fixed.
The horse could only stop after stepping back a few steps when in charge has been solved.
If block after charging attack the directions would be out of control has been settled.
If the charging attack was blocked, the attacker could not enter stiff effect has been resolved.
After being attacked, the block direction could be judged wrong has been solved.
The immediate cancelation of stiff effect after successfully blocking the attack has been fixed.
The possible problems in mounting a horse when the player’s dying have been countered.
The wrong introductions of some soldiers have been revised.