Tiger Knight

Update Announcement (0.0.72)

Dear players,
To ensure the stability and quality of servers, we will shut them down for maintenance at 15:00 Jan 24th, 2017. 

The exact time for maintenance is:
Asia Server: 2017/1/24 15:00-18:00(GMT+08:00)
NA Server: 2017/1/23 23:00 - 2017/1/24 02:00(GMT-08:00)
EU Server: 2017/1/24 07:00-10:00(GMT)

After this update, the client version will upgrade from 0.0.71 to 0.0.72. Please upgrade your client before entering the game. If it fails to update, please close the Steam client and relog in.

Content of Update
Chinese New Year missions will be open during the Spring Festival, from Jan 27th until Feb 3rd.
The Spring Festival is the biggest traditional Chinese holiday and each part of China has its own way of celebrating it. In this update, we will hold a series of Spring Festival themed activities based on traditional Chinese customs and featuring costumes with unique traditional Chinese characteristics.
We wish everyone a very happy Chinese New Year!
Spring Festival Main Tasks
Newly added Spring Festival Main Tasks: Rising World, Firecracker Celebration, Wealth God Memorial, Rest Period, Three Blissful Rams, Wealth God Welcoming, Imminent Success, Good Health & Harvest.
Spring Festival Gifts
A new year always comes with gifts! During the Spring Festival, from 01/27 until 02/02, every player can claim your surprise gift from the main interface once per day!
Spring Costumes
The Fangxiang’s costumes and mask are available at the store.


The Fangxiang’s costumes: the Fangxiang is responsible for warding off evils and the Danuo ceremony calls on this God. On the eve of Chinese New Year, this ceremony was often held to wish for a better year ahead.
Now you can take the form of the Fangxiang and receive the blessings of this God!
The Fangxiang’s mask: the Fangxiang is responsible for warding off evils and the Danuo ceremony calls on this God. The role of the Fangxiang is usually played by a masked wizard wearing bearskin on his body. This mask itself has four eyes and is decorated in gold, scaring away the evil spirits with its vicious expression.