Tiger Knight

Update Announcement(0.1.76)

Dear gamers,
In order to update Tiger Knight to version 0.1.76, we will be bringing our servers down for maintenance on 28th February 2017. 

Servers will be unavailable for approximately 3 hours, with the exact times as follows:
Asia server:2017/2/28 15:00-18:00(GMT+08:00)
NA server:2017/2/27 23:00 - 2017/2/28 02:00(PST)
EU server:2017/2/28 07:00-10:00(GMT)

If it fails to update normally please close Steam and relog in.

Update Content
The Play VS. AI option is now available for the Intermediate Battlefield.
A Top-up Activity will open from Feb 28th to March 27th. Charging any amount of money (including purchasing DLC), you will get a 3 day VIP card and a Ghost Summoning Shield for free!

We have adjusted the total military power in Siege Mode according to the changes in units’ levels: 
The total military power is changed from the former fixed value into a dynamic value based on the total number of soldiers in a team.
Personal military power is now capped and diversified according to the number of soldiers going onto the battlefield. When the loss of soldiers reaches the cap, they will not be able to conscribe (but respawning for generals is not affected).

In order for soldiers to better protect the general, infantry formations have been adjusted to where the general stands. These formations are: Wing Formation, Wedge Formation and Solid Square Formation.
On the Basic Battlefield the damage dealt by soldiers to the player is increased by 30%.
Close combat infantry will do 15% more damage on horses.

The open time for stronghold has been amended to 2 minutes.
The occupation time for stronghold is 7 minutes.
The deployment time before battle is decreased to 30 seconds.

Added an option to increase Soldier Filter in the Barracks.
After being successfully matched in Command Mode, if the player does not choose the unit in time, the system will choose the first unit from the left by default.
If the matchmaking time exceeds 5 minutes, the system will prompt an option to join a new round of matchmaking.
The time duration for soldiers to use Charge and Throw Charge can be disrupted by other skills.


Bugs Fixed
Players cannot join match-making for Epic War when teamed up if they do not have units from the Basic Battlefield.
When the player goes offline in Charge, the game cannot finish normally.
Players may fail in killing Dong Zhuo in PVE Mode.
The morale outburst skill of Auxiliary Swordsmen is invalid.
The attack range of javelin is abnormal in melee wars.
Some of the armors display the wrong information.


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