Tiger Knight

Maintenance (0.0.59)

Dear players,
To ensure the stability and quality of servers, we will shut them down at 15:00 Nov 22nd, 2016 (Beijing Time), and maintain them from 15:00 to 18:00.


The maintenance time is:
Asia Server: 15:00-18:00 (GMT+8) Nov 21st, 2016
EU Server: 07:00-10:00 (GMT) Nov 21st, 2016
NA Server: 23:00-02:00 (GMT-8) Nov 20th, 2016


After this update, the client version will upgrade from 0.0.58 to 0.0.59, please enter the game from the new client. If it fails to upgrade normally, please close Steam and log in to try again.


Content of Update 
As Thanksgiving is on its way, Tiger Knight: Empire War is also embracing its first month in this world. Thank you for all your support! With your help, we are confident in improving our game and returning your love with a better game experience.


1.Thanksgiving Themed Tasks
Three newly added festival tasks: Thanksgiving Rewards, Life Saving and A thankful Heart.


2.Thanksgiving Themed Items
Newly added festival decorations: Feather Crest
Weapon: Roast Turkey
(Obtainable in festival tasks)


3. New Units Released
Shu crossbowmen infantry:
This unit is equipped with light crossbow, heavy crossbow or repeating crossbow and good at mid-range attack. They can impose a threat on soldiers with shields.
Special Units: Yellow Turban Rebel and Wuhuan Ranger can be checked and purchased in Upgrade interface. They have no extra advantage in the battle field but they are able to gain bonuses after the match is over.

Reasons to buy Special Units:
You don’t need to upgrade them to become elite soldiers.
You can get extra copper coins, prestige and EXP bonus after battles.
Converting surplus soldier EXP into prestige will be more convenient.
You can unlock new general gears.


4. New DLC
A new DLC including Soldier Seal, General Seal and VIP Card will help generals to drill the troops and upgrade their favorite units.


5. New Play vs. AI
On the matchmaking interface of Command Mode, choose Play vs. AI and enter the game. You and your teammates will only be fighting against computer AIs. We hope this new mode can help generals get familiar with the maps and properties of new units. However, computer AIs can be difficult to fight against.


We optimized the operating experience of bow and arrow, decreased the lag to make the shooting feel more fluent.
We optimized the sense of blocking, the control of blocking.


We added a prompt of purchasing adjutant so that you can check the properties of adjutant more easily.


---Soldier Seal and General Seal
Since PVE allows players to join after the battle begins, it may cause the Soldier Seal and General Seal unable to have an effect. So we removed the effect of Soldier Seal and General Seal in PVE. We will also make them only effective after the battle so that players won’t be confused.

Bugs Fixed
Friends are displayed as offline when they are actually online.
Reconnection fails occasionally.
When purchasing soldiers, it prompts that adjutants are successfully bought.
The VIP gains display is showing the incorrect amount received on the Battle Result Interface.
Pressing F to mount a horse might occur anomaly.
Anomaly in charging with a shield.
Occasionally disrupted when executing or rescuing.
In PVE mode, you can now recruit soldiers.
Probable damages in Multi Kill.