Tiger Knight

Update Announcement (0.0.60)

Dear players, 
To ensure the stability and quality of servers, we are about to shut them down for maintenance at 15:00 Nov 29th, 2016(Beijing Time). The estimated time will be 15:00 to 18:00. 


The maintenance time is: 
Asia Server: 15:00-18:00 (GMT+8) Nov 29st, 2016 
EU Server: 07:00-10:00 (GMT) Nov 29st, 2016 
NA Server: 23:00-02:00 (GMT-8) Nov 28th, 2016


After this update, the client version will change from 0.0.59 to 0.0.60. Please upgrade your client before entering the game. If it fails to update, please close Steam and re-log in. 


Update Content
According to the statistics collected from our servers, we will adjust the balance of some soldiers and mode rules in this game. 



Jiangdong Longbowmen: the damage of Bow Volley will increase by 15%. 
Jingzhou Sailors: the attack speed in melee wars is up by 20%.’ 
Archer Militia: the Volley damage is improved by 20%. 
Yanzhou Spearmen: the damage of pike wall against soldiers is elevated by 12%. 
Wu Fearless Squad: the CD time of Charge is lowered to 20 seconds, and the Stamina Cost is down to 25. 
Nanman Elite Raiders: the frequency of melee wars is accelerated by 20%. 
Danyang Infantry: the CD time of Charge is reduced to 20 seconds, and the Stamina Cost to 20. 
Jingzhou Heavy Infantry: the attack speed of melee wars is elevated by 15%, and basic defense to 3. 
Garrison Spears: the damage of pike wall is brought down by 10%. 
Shu Mounted Crossbowmen: the damage on soldiers is dropped by 5% and the accuracy 5%. 
Wei Heavy Halberdiers: movement speed is cut down by 8% when using Multi Kill.

Game Mode 
The damage of General pushing battering ram against the Gate is improved by 50. 
Offensive force can resurrect 50 more soldiers (from 500 soldiers to 550).

Bugs Fixed
Multi Kill sometimes causes soldiers to attack dying General. 
Bug happens when soldiers deploy Pike Wall to block. 
Multi Kill is not effective when forcing to use ranged weapons.