Tiger Knight

Update Announcement (0.0.61)

Dear players, 
For the purpose of improving the stability and the quality, Tiger Knight servers will be shut down on 6th December, 2016, from 15:00 to 18:00 (GMT+8). 

The exact time is: 
Asia Server: 15:00 – 18:00 6th Dec, 2016 (GMT+8) 
EU Server: 07:00 – 10:00 6th Dec, 2016 (GMT) 
NA Server: 23:00 – 02:00 5th Dec, 2016 (GMT-8)

The version of Game Client will be updated to 0.0.61. Please update the Game Client before you log in. If there is any error for updating, turn off Steam and re-log in. 

Content of Update
Time-limited Battlefield

Players can choose the new game mode: “Time limited Battlefield” from the matchmaking interface. Later there will be more modes opened in Time-limited battlefield, but currently we have the following modes: 
Command mode – 7V7 Conquest Mode. Opening time: everyday 19:00-20:00 
Duel Mode – Squad Deathmatch. Opening time: everyday 20:00-21:00 

New Soldiers
New soldier unit: Pike-Shield soldier of Wu 
Soldiers’ equipment-Pike and Shield can effectively defend against the charge from light cavalry and infantry, even though the damage of Pike-Shield soldier is not as high as Wu infantry, the shield can still improve their performance. 

New Map
Newly added map to Duel Mode: Jianye Field 

Jianye Field

In 212, Sun Quan renamed Moling to Jianye, and built the Stone City. The training field in the city was built with bricks and equipped with various siege-train and blocking boards for the defensive troops daily training. 
New Duel Mode Squad Deathmatch: Deserted Village 

Deserted Village

As a hub of the Silk Road, Liangzhou was located in the frontier of the Han Empire. After long-term reclamation, the desolate Liangzhou became prosperous gradually. However, in the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Liangzhou people suffered a lot from continuous warfare. What’s more, warlords rose up and tried to set up independent regime. The cruel and bloody wars forced Liangzhou regress to desolation. 


Duel Mode: Matchmaking Rules Adjustment: 
The maximum number of Level 1 room ischanged to 6V6,and the map changed to: Bowang Field. 
The maximum number of level 5 room is changed to 15V15, the map changed to: Snowland and Bowang Field. 

Game Mode
Currently the duel gamemode Taking Stronghold has not reached the expected effect, so this update we will remove it. 
The newly increased environment testing tool: TigerKnightEnv.exe. 
After logging in the game, if there is no Kingdom-Win32-Shipping.exe in task manager under the processes tab, this means the environment is not successfully installed. You can find the environment testing tool: TigerKnightEnv.exe under the root directory of the client program and run that file to start testing. 
If the environment is not successfully installed, please find the folder: _CommonRedist and install the required environment and restart the game.

Wu Fearless Squad: ranged defense capacity is increased by 15%, and added the skill Ambush.
Qingzhou Elite Cavalry: ranged defense ability is lifted by 12%. 
Xuzhou Crossbowmen: the effective time of regional strike is added with 5 more seconds. 
Shu Light Crossbowmen: the effective time of regional strike is raised by 3 more seconds. 
Shu Repeating Crossbowmen: the damage of regional strike is decreased by 10%. 
Wu Elite Archers: the damage of normal attack is lowered by 15%. 
Noble Archers: the damage of normal attack is reduced by 15%. 
Extra gains of special soldiers are boosted by 10%. 

Bugs Fixed
Players could not change or write in other lines in English emails. 
It did not show the remaining time of the time limited items in tasks, equipment and emails. 
After checking other’s exploits, the exploits of oneself could not display. 
The custom room could not automatically switch to room interface after the battle finished. 
The gains of PVE could not be displayed normally. 
The horse moving backwards could not be stopped. 
The chosen respawn spot could not show normally after being occupied by others. 
In Hulao Pass, the catapult kept on attacking the broken aerialladder.