Tiger Knight

Update Announcement (0.0.62)

Dear players, 
In order to ensure the stability and service quality of servers, we will maintain the servers on Dec 13th. 

The detailed time is: 
Asia Server: Dec 13th 15:00-18:00(GMT+08:00) 
NA Server: Dec 12nd 23:00- 02:00(GMT-08:00) 
EU Server: Dec 13th 07:00-10:00(GTM)

After this update, the client will upgrade from 0.0.61 to 0.0.62. Please enter the game after updating the game client. If it fails to update normally, please relog in and try again.


Content of Update
We have always wanted to create a stable and sound game environment, that’s why since the game was launched, we have tried many ways to make improvements. 
After this update, the login interface will show the lag situation of the current line and server you are using, and will provide alternative lines for you to choose. 
Besides, this update will open the profanity filter function to block contents about politics, sex and violence. A wholesome game environment requires us all to maintain. Thank you for understanding and cooperation!