Tiger Knight

Update Announcement (0.0.68)

Dear TK players,
To ensure the stability and service of the servers, we will shut them down for maintenance at 15:00 (GMT+8) on Jan 3rd, 2017.

The exact time is:
Asia server:2017/1/3 15:00-18:00(GMT+08:00)
NA server:2017/1/2 23:00 - 2017/1/3 02:00(GMT-08:00)
EU server:2017/1/3 07:00-10:00(GMT)

After this update, the game client will upgrade from 0.0.66 to 0.0.68, please update the client first and then enter the game. If the game fails to update normally, please close steam and relog in.


Update Content

We optimized the game so that it will run more smoothly under low FPS in some cases.


Bugs Fixed

We solved the bug that Fearless Vanguards may have abnormal gains after the battle. 
The bug in signing in rewards will be fixed.